Future Crunch provides intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future. We help people understand what’s on the frontiers of science and technology, and what it means for humanity.




Our talks cut through hype to critically evaluate the consequences of multiple scientific breakthroughs and disruptive technologies that are 'crunching' together. We pull together, sift through and select mind-blowing stories and communicate them in a way that’s entertaining, smart and accessible.


We work with organisations to help them understand the impact of disruptive technologies trends in their sector, so they can be better prepared for the challenges ahead. No buzzwords, over-charging, or management speak. Just high quality research, unique insights and clear, critical and intelligent analysis.


Our fortnightly newsletter and social media feeds are packed with amazing stories about science and technology, and good news from around the world that you probably didn't hear about. We spend a lot of time scanning for the best content to isolate the signal from the noise. Discover the things that really matter. 


Hundreds of speakers have taken the stage at REMIX Summits across the globe and I have been privileged to see some incredible talks over the years. Future Crunch are part of a rarified group that stand out from the rest. They use vivid imagery, humour, statistics and soundscapes to convey powerful and important messages that challenge you to think again about the world. This magic combination of ingredients makes them compelling storytellers and guides to an age of fundamental change where everyone needs to understand the forces and trends that continue to reshape everything we know.
— Peter Tullin | Co-Founder, REMIX Summits

We live in a world of unprecedented technological change. The mobile internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, robotics, renewable energy, genetics and biotechnology are having a dramatic impact on our lives in the 21st century. How do you equip yourself with a good understanding of the most important disruptive technologies of our time?

Future Crunch provide audiences with a broad perspective on just how quickly the world is changing. Combining insights from science, economics and evolutionary biology with music, art and soundscapes, we show that although we are living in an age of many challenges, we are also seeing many improvements, from successes in healthcare, education and poverty, to the decline of war and violence.

We make the case for an intelligent and courageous optimism. We suggest that the world may become an even better place thanks to new technologies that are sustainable, democratic, create massive economic impact, dramatically change the status quo and are changing what it means to be human. People come away from our talks with a much better understanding of the cutting edge of science and technology today, and a sense of optimism about its impact on our lives. 

In one word? Extraordinary! Future Crunch were masterful storytellers, delivering superb content, had the audience captivated and had a certain gravitas on the stage seldom seen. I would unequivocally recommend them. Fantastic to work with, heaps of energy.
— Mark Zawacki | Founder, 650 Labs
Future Crunch’s talk was the best presentation on the state of the world I have seen in years. Catch them if you can!
— Molly Harriss Olson | CEO, Fair Trade Australia
Future Crunch are incredible commentators with a very interesting story to tell. They provided a dynamic, progressive and fascinating talk on science, technology and a balanced view of humanity’s current and progressing achievements, presenting them in an attainable, easy to understand way. Their talk also incorporated technologies that would directly impact our area of business. It really resonated with our broad audience who were enthralled and engaged by this quick-witted, charismatic and abundantly knowledgeable team.
— Tim Slattery | Executive Director, APN Property Group
Future Crunch were among the best speakers I’ve ever heard – hugely knowledgeable, credible, articulate and engaging – I could have listened to them all night. An absolute bargain for an hour of fascinating insights.
— Prue Horne | HR Manager, Vantage Group
You know you’re on to something when the audience Q&A session after an hour-long presentation continues for another hour. The Future Crunch team fielded some fantastic and complicated questions from our audiences in. The depth of their knowledge around these issues is remarkable and a testament to their passion for promoting science and technology in an accessible way.
— — Sarah Bayne | Tasmania Director, Inspiring Australia
Future Crunch were instrumental in helping us set the scene and a positive tone for the opening plenary of Link Festival 2015. Their breadth and depth of knowledge and insight was so impressive, and left the audience energised and keen for more with their excellent delivery. They are a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to engage them again.
— Sally Hill & Yvonne Lee | Founders, Wildwon
Future Crunch provided a dynamic, stimulating, professional and witty opening to our National Conference. As a refreshing voice outside of our sector, they were the perfect scene setter for the a discussion about the disruptive challenges facing our globe and innovative pathways forward. Excellent and inspiring communicators, we highly recommend them.
— Marc Purcell | CEO, Australian Council for International Development
Listening to the Future Crunch guys talk was exhilarating – they were our closing keynote and even though they were speaking on the last session of the last day - the graveyard shift - they were so energetic and compelling that the delegates were left enthralled. We have had a number of speakers going through our conferences and there has never been a more inspiring pair.
— Jenny Katrivesis | Conference Director, Chilli IQ

We advise clients in a wide range of industries including law, finance, insurance, international development, media, and government on technological disruption, and what it means for the future of their industry. We do this by combining research from cutting edge science, data-driven custom content, and insights from some of the world’s leading thinkers on innovation. Partner with us to receive the most up to date market intelligence on technological change and future trends across multiple industries.

Future Crunch was engaged by the Australian Federal Police to provide insight into technologies and environmental changes likely to impact future societal and criminal behaviours. As part of the AFP Future Directions Project, they provided us with an understanding of the future operating environment not previously conceived, which will help to shape our future capability requirements.”
— Ramzi Jabbour | Deputy Commissioner, Australian Federal Police
We invited Future Crunch to come along and work with 37 of our top talent from across various business units at a recent development event. Nothing could prepare us for what we received. Future Crunch was ranked as one of the top activities for our 3 day development event. I hope we get to work with them again in the future.
— Alex Lewis | Global Learning, Telstra
Future Crunch delivered a sensational start to the the ANZ Innovate day. They provided engaging insights into an ever-changing world which enabled the team to think differently before the event kicked off. It was refreshing to see the passion, knowledge and thinking behind the team and we wouldn’t hesitate to engage them again.
— Chris Donlon & Richard Busso | Innovation and Digital Engagement, ANZ Bank


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