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Our talks cut through the hype to critically evaluate the consequences of multiple scientific breakthroughs and disruptive technologies that are 'crunching' together. We pull together, sift through and select mind-blowing stories and communicate them in a way that’s entertaining, smart and accessible.

The best presentation on the state of the world that I’ve seen in years.
— Molly Harris Olson | CEO, Fair Trade Australia
Their message about the important role of science, the need for critical thinking and the optimism we should hold for our future is unique and needs to be delivered to everyone.
— Brett Lunn | Managing Partner, FB Rice

We work with organisations to help them understand the impact of disruptive technologies, so they can be better prepared for the challenges ahead. No buzzwords, or annoying management speak. Just high quality research, unique insight and clear, critical and intelligent analysis. 

Future Crunch provided us with an understanding of the future operating environment that we hadn’t previously conceived, and helped shape our future capability requirements.
— Ramzi Jabbour | Deputy Commissioner, Australian Federal Police

We combine stories from the cutting edge of science and technology with good news about human progress, and explain why it matters. We specialise in scanning the internet for the best content to isolate the signal from the noise, so you can discover things that really matter. 

Future Crunch are dangerous.

Their optimism flies in the face of lazy, doomsday prophets. They force you to take action, by pointing to the incredible things humanity achieves every day.
— Dr Ricardo Peach | Director, Free State Arts Festival

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