What is Future Crunch? 

The best way to think of us is as field guides for the new economy. We help individuals and organisations understand what's happening on the frontiers of science and technology, so that they can be better prepared to meet the challenges ahead. 

It's about cutting through the hype to critically evaluate the consequences of converging technologies and multiple scientific breakthroughs that are 'crunching' together. We pull together, sift through and select amazing stories about how and why these changes are happening and communicate them in a way that’s smart, entertaining and accessible.

Our mission is to foster intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future.

What do people say about us?

Future Crunch delivered a sensational opening keynote at the ANZ Innovate day. They provided engaging insights into an ever-changing world which enabled the team to think differently before the event kicked off. It was refreshing to see the passion, knowledge and thinking behind the team and we wouldn’t hesitate to engage them again.
— Chris Donlon & Richard Busso | Innovation and Digital Engagement, ANZ
I had seen Future Crunch speak at a conference and thought they were incredible commentators with a very interesting story to tell. When we began to organise APN’s 20th year anniversary, we wanted to cover not only the past and present of our company, but also look forward and see what the future could hold. Future Crunch were the first ones we thought of.

The guys provided a dynamic, progressive and fascinating talk on science, technology and a balanced view of humanity’s current and progressing achievements, presenting them in an attainable, easy to understand way. They created a piece that also incorporated technologies that would directly impact our area of business. It really resonated with our broad audience who were enthralled and engaged by this quick-witted, charismatic and abundantly knowledgeable duo. We couldn’t be more pleased and thank them enormously for adding considerable value to our event.
— Tim Slattery | Executive Director, APN Property Group
Future Crunch provided an excellent opening session at the 2016 Managing Partners Forum. It was fascinating, stimulating, uplifting and affirming in equal measure. A great way to start a conference.
— Michael Greene | Managing Partner, Henry David York
Future Crunch were speakers at the SW/TCH Festival in Sydney. In one word? Extraordinary! They were masterful storytellers, delivering superb content, had the audience captivated and had a certain gravitas on the stage seldom seen. I would unequivocally recommend them! Fantastic to work with, heaps of energy.
— Mark Zawacki | Founder, 650 Labs
Future Crunch provided a dynamic, stimulating, professional and witty opening to our National Conference in 2015. Through clear and articulate communication, they showcased a diversity of possible alternative futures that fully engaged and challenged the audience. As a refreshing voice outside of our sector, they were the perfect scene setter for the a discussion about the disruptive challenges facing our globe and innovative pathways forward. Excellent and inspiring communicators, we highly recommend them.
— Marc Purcell | CEO, Australian Council for International Development
Future Crunch were among the best speakers I’ve ever heard – hugely knowledgeable, credible, articulate and engaging – I could have listened to them all night. An absolute bargain for an hour of fascinating insights.
— Prue Horne | HR Manager, Vantage Group
After a particularly awesome opening keynote by the ever inspiring Future Crunch, I walked away with a sense of hope and opportunity - all of which is largely dependent on how we shape the conversation from here.
— Rebecca Lovitt | General Manager, Be Collective
Hundreds of speakers have taken the stage at REMIX Summits across the globe and I have been privileged to see some incredible talks over the years. Future Crunch are part of a rarified group that stand out from the rest.

They use vivid imagery, humour, statistics and soundscapes to convey powerful and important messages that challenge you to think again about the world. This magic combination of ingredients makes them compelling storytellers and guides to an age of fundamental change where everyone needs to understand the forces and trends that continue to reshape everything we know.
— Peter Tullin | Co-Founder, REMIX Summits
Future Crunch’s talk was the best presentation on the state of the world I have seen in years. Catch them if you can!
— Molly Harriss Olson | CEO, Fair Trade Australia
We invited Future Crunch to come along and speak to 37 of our top talent individuals from across various business units at a recent development event. I’d seen their videos but nothing could prepare us for the download of data we received. The participants remained engaged for the whole session, including asking a LOT of questions at the end. Future Crunch was ranked as one of the top activities/speakers for our 3 day development event. I hope we get to work with them again in the future.
— Alex Lewis | Global Learning, Telstra
You know you’re on to something when the audience Q&A session after an hour-long presentation continues for another hour. The Future Crunch team fielded some fantastic and complicated questions from audiences in both Hobart and Launceston. The depth of their knowledge around these issues is remarkable and a testament to their passion for promoting science and technology in an accessible way.

One audience member commented, “I’m a scientist and I haven’t felt so inspired about my own profession for a long time. It’s nice to be reminded that the work we do is valuable and, in fact, vital to the future of humanity!”
— Sarah Bayne | Tasmania Director, Inspiring Australia
Future Crunch were instrumental in helping us set the scene and a positive tone for the opening plenary of Link Festival 2015. Their breadth and depth of knowledge and insight was so impressive, and left the audience energised and keen for more with their excellent delivery. They are a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to engage them again.
— Sally Hill & Yvonne Lee | Founders, Wildwon
Listening to the Future Crunch guys talk was exhilarating – they were our closing keynote and even though they were speaking on the graveyard shift (last session of the last day) they were so energetic and compelling that the delegates were left enthralled. We have had a number of speakers going through our conferences and there has never been a more inspiring pair!
— Jenny Katrivesis | Conference Director, Chilli IQ
Future Crunch delivered a powerful opening keynote for the 2015 Link Festival. They set the scene by sharing both stories and current trends across politics, technology and social affairs. Their engaging keynote framed the context of how technology and innovation will shape our future. They were approachable while being rigorous and made a real impact on the attendees and were cited as one of the highlights of the event.
— Julian O'Shea | Director, Engineers Without Borders, Australia

Who are we?

Dr Angus Hervey 
Political Economist

Angus is a writer, technologist and science communicator. He is the Australian manager of Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK), a global initiative started in 2009 by Google, IBM, Microsoft, NASA and the World Bank to create open-source technology solutions to social challenges. RHoK is the longest running and largest social hackathon in Australia, and takes place in five locations across the country. 

He is the former manager of Global Policy, one of the world's leading international political journals, and holds an MSc in International Political Economy and a PhD in Government from the London School of Economics, where he was also the Ralph Miliband Scholar between 2009 and 2012. 

Tané Hunter


Tané is a science communicator, futurist and bioinformatician. He works with big data in the biological realm and specialises in cancer research. His first career though, was in mountain biking. In 2004 Tane won a US national title and was heading for a career as a professional cyclist. Unfortunately, an injury in 2006 brought Tané’s cycling career to an end and he refocused on science and received a degree in Biology and Chemistry at Fort Lewis College in Colorado.

While sailing across the South Pacific in 2010, he helped with a dissection of a Cuvier’s beaked whale in the Cook Islands. Here Tané met Dr. Darlene Ketten from Harvard Medical School. Long discussions with her piqued his interest in medical genomics and bioinformatics which eventually led him to the University of Melbourne where he completed a Masters in Bioinformatics in 2013. He has worked for the Royal Children’s Hospital diagnosing rare diseases in children using genetics, and is currently doing his PhD at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, using molecular biomarkers to better understand, diagnose and improve treatment for people suffering from cancer.

Tanushree Rao 
Creative Communicator

Tanushree is a sustainability communicator and writer with a background in international development research. She is interested in how technology can interact with global issues, including clean energy, poverty alleviation and sustainable development—and believes communication, creativity and critical thinking are crucial to intelligent outcomes for humanity.

Before specialising in communication, Tanushree’s research focused on forced migration, genocide and the politics of visual imagery, including assistance for a long-term research project on images and humanitarian crises at the University of Queensland. In addition to writing and having pun with Future Crunch's Twitter account, Tanushree works as a communication coordinator for the International RiverFoundation, coaches tiny tots at Little Kickers, and performs as a musician.

Vincent Chen
Media Manager

Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Vincent moved to Brisbane to study film at the Queensland University of Technology. Following the end of his studies he's been working interstate as well as internationally. He has a passion for telling stories and creating beautiful sequences and to make video concepts come to life. He now lives in Melbourne where he is a Trivia host at the Stolberg Beer Café. He enjoys avocado on toast, Netflix Original Series’, Steven Colbert and a sneaky rock climb every so often. He's at his most comfortable sitting in a hostel dorm striking up conversations with travellers (and feeling thankful for a job that lets him do it). Ah, and he's not the tall guy in this photo. 

Dr Ele Jansen 
Collaboration Designer

Ele is a culture hacker, exploreress, younger sister, North European, ethnographer, sharer, midnight doodler, free dancer, and sound addict. She applies these interests as a collaboration designer and teacher with a focus on story, play, androgyny and the commons. She holds a PhD in Media/Design Anthropology, and co-founded Learn, Do, Share, an international collective that works with Columbia University.

Before moving to Sydney in 2009, Ele lead communications at the IICG in Leipzig, a social enterprise funded by 50+ brands to innovate East Germany’s post-socialist economy. She has facilitated workshops at Parsons New School of Design NYC, Google Creative Labs, OUIshare Paris, Re:publica Berlin and Vivid Ideas Sydney. She currently teaches Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Technology Sydney, and is working with UNSW's Michael Crouch Innovation Center and PwC’s The Difference. 


Katie Johnston 


Katie is an environmentalist and scientist who is passionate about food, farming and feminism. She is interested in ways in which innovation and advances in technology can aid in more efficient, but ecologically effective land management practices. Katie’s studies have focused on food ethics, regenerative agricultural techniques and environmental policy. She also firmly believes in the harnessing of people power, as without effective communication, the full potential of science and technology may not be realised. And goats, she also believes in harnessing the power of goats.

In her down time, Katie runs a tequila bar and works as a co-ordinator for The Welcome Dinner Project, an initiative that facilitates meaningful conversations between new and established Australians, over dinner. She is in the process of developing a digital project which will aim to showcase diversity across the sustainable food supply chain in Australia.

Elouise Brennan
Spirited Technologist

Pic of Elle Brennan.png

Elouise is a tech enthusiast who loves discovering how new technologies change lives, shift industries and create a more exciting future.

Starting out with a BA in Psychology and Commerce from the Australian National University, she fell in love with the tech industry when hired for a user-centred design agency in Edinburgh and continues to foster that love by following the latest advancements in the field. She is passionate about learning from and sharing the stories of inspirational people.

By day she is the IT Manager at the Melbourne & Olympic Parks sports and entertainment precinct, and by night a co-owner of Bad Frankie - a Jaffle and Australian Spirits bar in Fitzroy.