BM is fun during the day but it's fucking mind-blowing during the night. There are lots of ways of approaching this. In my experience the best is to choose your all nighters very carefully. In between, make sure you sleep. Get some good earplugs and at least aim for 4 hours in 24. Best time for sleeping is early morning till the sun comes up and it's too hot.

Keep your sleep space nice and clean. Cover everything with a sheet of painter's plastic when you're out. Wear a neck snood to bed to keep you warm and pull over your eyes when the sun comes up. 

Get off the beaten track

The best moments at Burning Man aren't on the dance floors, or in front of giant speakers. They are in the interactions in small strange places with other people. It's not like the usual outdoor festival where the energy is concentrated in one place. 

So - by all means go to Robot Heart or Fractal Nation for a boogie, but don't get stuck there. Take some time out to go into the city itself. Visit the hundreds of smaller camps. Go have a shot of bacon whisky somewhere or spend a night at the Black Rock City Jazz Cafe. You can always go be part of a heaving dance floor here at home. But you'll never have another chance to meet a one-legged ex marine saxophonist from Atlanta out at 7 and F. 

Also.. make sure that at least once, you go out to 'deep playa'. This means going way beyond the usual stuff in the city and getting out to where it's basically just like being on the moon with nothing else around you. It's a chance for you to pause, breathe, and then come back into the festival. 


One of the best things about the Burn is that you're so anonymous. When we've all done festivals before we often go with tons of friends and people we know or have met over the years. This is not the case at Burning Man. It's filled with 70,000 people and you probably only know 20-30 of them at most. 

Enjoy the anonymity. Get naked. Go do something you wouldn't normally do in front of your friends. Have a sneaky pash with someone that's a different gender to your normal preference. Spend an evening painting circles in the dust with some Trump supporters. The more you push your boundaries and don't do the usual thing the better time you will have. 

Pace yourself

It's a long festival. Seven days and while I know you are all tough and probably think it's all overrated the pace can get to you. In particular, make sure you save yourself for Burn night on the Saturday. Don't make the mistake of having a massive Friday night which means you can barely keep your eyes open on Saturday. This is when the city reaches its crescendo. You want to be involved.


When you leave camp, be prepared for an epic mission. Make sure that whenever you leave your camp, you are prepared to not come back for an entire 24 hours. So you'll need things like your booze, drugs, water, some food and snacks, something warm and lights. I cannot recommend this enough. It frees you up to not worry about going home. That makes you more receptive and present when you're out there. 



At least twice a day (and whenever anyone gives you food). Make sure it's good, substantial food. Lots of snacks, nuts (brain food), canned fish and oysters, goji berries, also Trader Joes has some really good one packet meals, just add water.

Take supplements

Before bed, drink hydrolite, take Melatonin, plus 2 ibuprofen (reduces inflammation from dancing legs, sunburn, alcohol). Clean the dust out your nose with saline. Gargle with mouthwash or salt water.

In the morning, drink hydrolite, clean nose, gargle, take multivitamins, drink Vita Greens, eat!

Magnesium is excellent for everything

5HTP capsules if you are dancing with Malibu, take one after partying, do not preload, it doesn't do anything. 

Green tea extract, capsules (ECGC). This is an excellent antioxidant, take with Malibu and in fact, any party treats as it can help with nausea, especially Absinthe and Mushrooms

B multivitamin. If possible try not to take this within an hour of coffee as the caffeine inhibits uptake.

Zinc, gets used in metabolising alcohol, also salt, very handy when every tent is a bar. Or even keep alcohol usage to a minimum, it is very heavy on the liver.

Milk Thistle, excellent liver tonic.

Vitamin C

Any good kidney tonic


But be careful, the cops will be all over you. Yes lots of cops at BM, they wear night vision and have their own artcar, I kid you not. Keep your carry-on to a minimum and use the portapotties for topping up when on Playa or do it all at home. If anyone asks for something that sounds illegal a blanket NO is advisable as they practice entrapment.

Avoid playa foot

Every evening wash your feet in a 1 part white vinegar, 10 parts water solution. This will remove the alkilinity of the playa dust. It sounds like overkill. Trust me it's not. It'll mean you save your feet for Day Seven. Highly highly recommended and it only takes you an extra 2 minutes. 


You are all incredibly generous, fun loving, giving people. You will probably want to spend the whole festival doing awesome stuff for other people. However.. try to remember that in order to keep the giving flow going you also have to receive. If you allow other people to do nice things for you or put themselves out there for you, then you are allowing them to have a good time too! 

Facilitating a gifting experience for someone can be even more empowering then doing it yourself. Too much give and not enough take is not balance. And balance is what we are striving for