Future Crunchers

Two friends on a road trip.

Their mission?

To tell stories about how people from every corner of the planet
are using science and technology to make the world a better place

10 commercial half hour episodes


Dr Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter are two millennials on a mission. They’re fed up with hearing stories about how the world is a terrible place. And they’re frustrated with seeing far too many good ideas stay behind the walls of the ivory tower. Using insights from political economy, evolutionary biology and cutting edge science, they tell new stories about how the world is improving. They show that, contrary to popular belief, we are actually living in the most extraordinary, abundant and inventive time in human history.

These two world citizens (an American and a South African who met in Australia) are unashamedly optimistic. At their core, they believe that science and technology is a powerful force for good. To prove their point, Angus and Tane set out on an epic road trip to investigate the stories about innovation and social change that you don’t get in the mainstream news. And they make them fun, intelligent, sexy and deeply human. Each episode is themed around a different location, and showcases 3-4 examples of individuals or groups that are using recent scientific or technological breakthroughs to make their village, country, or the world a better place. It’s a show about real people and real solutions. It’s about technologies you can touch and feel, about changes you can see on the ground.

In Sudan, they’re using 3D printing to create cheap prosthetics for amputees. In Iran, young people are using their mobile phones to avoid the morality police that patrol the streets to ensure that women aren’t wearing makeup. In the Netherlands, there’s a plan to build giant nets to scoop up plastic waste in the ocean. In Australia, an Indigenous-owned company has produced a battery storage technology to rival Tesla. In South Africa, they’re using drones to track down poachers and save rhinos. In Brazil, a young man has just invented an app that allows deaf people to communicate with people that don’t understand sign language. And in the United Kingdom, scientists are cutting and pasting DNA to eliminate HIV and save the lives of toddlers with cancer.

It’s a destination-structured show with a twist – unusual locations combined with grassroots innovation. The show is driven by the hosts’ rebellious spirit. Angus and Tane might have a truckload of degrees and qualifications between them, but you’re far more likely to find them welding sculptures at Burning Man than marking papers at a university. They’re interesting in meeting fellow rebels, ‘Future Crunchers’ who’ve had enough of hearing why the world can’t change for the better, and are taking matters into their own hands.

Science and human ingenuity provide us with many of the tools we need to improve the world. This show is about the people that are using those tools to give us new hope.

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