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Thank you. Thank you for helping someone, who spent a year and a half eyeball-deep in the muck that is our 24 hour news media, to take a deep breath and foster an optimistic view of the world. A view of the world that, I would argue, is truer than the doom and gloom to which my fellow countrymen seem to willingly expose themselves. Thank you for your newsletter. I read it every time a new one is released.

For a time, I thought the world had seen its better days and that we were all hurtling towards our shitty, nasty, long, protracted end. Creativity dried up. Happiness seemed untrustworthy. The bluest of skies seemed mocking. Now there has been a reversal. I’m free of that imprisonment. And I have you to thank for that. Keep up the good work. At the very least, this American is listening.
— Michael Benton

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