A mind-blowing journey through multiple scientific breakthroughs, disruptive technologies and social advancements that are ‘crunching’ together to create a better world.

Optimism is the path to creating a better future. Those who believe they can change the world that do. That world may be personal, professional or community-based. Whatever the context, it is through intelligent and courageous optimism that we are inspired to activate the creativity required to live a life of meaning.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with insights into technologies that are creating a new narrative for mankind, and the science behind them. They'll learn how our cognitive biases distort our view of the world, making us feel unnecessarily pessimistic, and preventing us from achieving our true potential. 

Participants will gain a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and commitment to problem solving, innovation and organisational change.

Key Outcomes

  • Gain insight into scientific and technological trends shaping the world
  • Understand cognitive biases to create a new outlook on the world we live in
  • Gain tools to find meaning and activate purpose
  • New and unusual insights into innovation and change
Future Crunch are dangerous. Their optimism flies in the face of lazy, nihilistic doomsday prophets that pedal sensationalist stories about how we might as well give up because the end is nigh. They force you to take action, by pointing to the incredible achievements we as human beings accomplish each and every day.

Not denying the very real and dangerous threats we face as a species and as a consequence our planet, but enforcing the fact that our actions make a difference, and we can solve the problems that face us.

Go listen to them - they’ll change your life.
— Dr Ricardo Peach | Director, Vrystaat Arts Festival
Listening to the Future Crunch guys talk was exhilarating – they were our closing keynote and even though they were speaking on the last session of the last day - the graveyard shift - they were so energetic and compelling that the delegates were left enthralled. We have had a number of speakers going through our conferences and there has never been a more inspiring pair.
— Jenny Katrivesis | Conference Director, Chilli IQ